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Hip-waist Baby Carrier

Hip-waist Baby Carrier

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Got baby? Will travel.

Babies are adorable, but getting around with them isn’t always easy.

Back aches and pulled muscles are a universal complaint from moms and dads. Even big brothers and sisters can share in the burden.

Our hip-waist baby carrier relieves stress on your back and makes it easy to carry your baby.

Here’s why this baby carrier is uniquely comfortable.

  • Switch up positions. Our baby carrier lets you place your baby away from you or facing you, depending on baby’s mood.
  • Comfortable and safe. The food-grade silicon surface, non-toxic polyester material, and shock-resistant cushion will support your baby and your back.
  • Little storage pocket. Your baby’s not the only thing you need to carry. Sunglasses, lip balm, keys… Our carrier has a mesh pocket perfect for those little items.
  • Big storage pocket. Because diapers and baby food can’t fit into a pouch the size of a coin purse. We get it. And we gave you what you want.
  • No straps. They're hard to lock, hard to unlock, and just annoying to deal with. Our carrier doesn't even need them.

Just because you’ve got a baby doesn’t mean carrying it has to be difficult.

Don’t waste time waiting to see if those back aches will disappear. They won’t.

Get this baby carrier now and save yourself another day of pain and discomfort.

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