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RFID Blocking Business Wallet

RFID Blocking Business Wallet

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Spacious, fits-it-all wallet that keeps your bank cards safe from data theft

Pickpockets have come a long way from their old bump and grab schemes. They don’t have to be anywhere near you to steal your money now.

All a thief’s got to do is point their scanner at you and your cards become their cards. They can get your info from the other side of a crowded subway car. No one’s safe.

The best way to stop them is to be ready for them. But RFID blocking wallets are ugly. There, we said it. They’re so bulky you can’t even fit them in your pocket.

And the number of cards they hold is a joke. Who carries one or two cards? We’ve got a dozen in our wallet right now.

This RFID blocking wallet is stylish, has extra storage, and protects your cards from hackers and thieves.

Know you're info is safe, no matter who’s watching.

  • RFID blocking. Stop hackers from scanning your information. This disrupts their signals so your info stays out of their hands.
  • Extra card storage. Most of us have more than one or two cards in our wallet. This holds them all, so you’ve always got what you need.
  • Pop up cards. You don’t have to open your wallet to get to your cards. Just push the ejection button on the bottom and they pop out.
  • High quality. Who wants a wallet that falls apart days after getting it? We used high quality materials so ours lasts for years.
  • Carry cash. We didn’t just leave room for your cards, there’s a pocket for your cash too. Carry everything all in one place.

Slim, stylish, and powerful enough to protect all your information.

This wallet does a lot without being big and bulky. We gave it a slim, stylish design so it’ll fit into your pocket just like any other wallet.

Get this RFID blocking wallet now and protect yourself from thieves.

You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

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