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Pet Bath Shower Hose

Pet Bath Shower Hose

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Universal hose attachment to extend any shower or faucet for easy pet bathing

We love our dog, but he didn’t exactly come with an instruction manual.

We kinda thought washing him would be as easy. Stick him in the shower, turn the water on, a few minutes later we’re done. The joke was on us.

It’s not just Fido. Washing our own hair isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Try doing it in the sink, and we end up with water on the floor and soap in our eyes.

The problem is our shower hose. That attachment is junk. It leaks, spurts, and makes washing up a hassle. But we haven’t found one that works any better.

This 2-in-1 shower hose attaches to your shower or sink and makes washing both you and your dog super easy.

An easy way for us both to get clean? Let’s hear more.

  • 2-in-1. It works with your shower or your sink. Easily move it between the two as often as you want, it just takes a couple of seconds.
  • Unbreakable silicone. We’re kind of in love with silicone because it does everything. Bend and twist it all you want without snapping the hose.
  • You or your dog. Who needs a shower more? Doesn’t matter, you can both have a turn. This hose makes everything easy.
  • Installs in seconds. This is soooo easy your dog could probably do it. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea. No tools required, just push it on and pull it off.

Quickly and easily adjust the length of the hose.

Want it a little longer? A little shorter? No problem. The hoses connect, just attach or detach them to get the length you need.

Order this 2-in-1 shower hose attachment today and make washing up a whole lot easier.

This is one time you and your dog both come out the winners.

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