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Bathroom Grip Support Bar

Bathroom Grip Support Bar

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A portable accessory to be safe in bathroom so you never slip accidentally

Bad news. Grandma slipped getting out of the tub yesterday. It was a short fall that left big consequences. Broken hips and bruised ribs hurt at any age.

And it’s not just grandma. Our dad’s in great shape, but the bathroom tile was wet and down he went. Now that marathon he was training for is off the table, indefinitely.

But installing support bars isn’t easy. We bought a set that came with “easy to follow” instructions. It was like reading calculus.

And the first time we tried them out, they slid. We nearly ended up with a broken hip ourselves. Kind of defeats the purpose of support bars.

These bathroom grip support bars install in seconds, will never slip, and support people of all shapes and sizes.

Check this out. It's an easy way to make your shower safe.

  • Anti-slip. What good would support bars be if they slid when you grabbed them? These won’t slip, slide, or fall. Once in place, they stay in place.
  • Tool-free installation. No screwdrivers, no drills, no tools. These stick to your walls in just a few seconds with our ultra-strong locking mechanism.
  • Up to 300 lbs. These are made to support people of all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry about your weight, these will hold.
  • Super-suction. They're not just suction cups, they’re rubber vacuum seals with high-strength plastic. They could pick up a safe without dropping it.
  • Portable. Taking a trip? Set these up in your hotel bathroom. They’re lightweight and compact. Just don’t leave them behind when it’s time to go!

One click locks everything in place.

It’s the easiest thing ever. Just flip the latch down and the safety grip locks up.

There’s no way to accidentally unlock it either, so you’re safe even if your hand accidentally hits it.

Order these bathroom support grip bars now and make your life easier.

Better to be safe now than sorry later.

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