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Full Crystal Window Cleaner

Full Crystal Window Cleaner

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Full Crystal Window CleanerFull Crystal Window CleanerFull Crystal Window CleanerFull Crystal Window Cleaner

Full Crystal Window Cleaner. Cleaning outside windows can be a hassle, dragging out and climbing up ladders, juggling spray cleaners and paper towels, rubbing out spots and streaks. Now you can clean your outside windows without all the hassle with Full Crystal Window Cleaner This amazing cleaner is easy just add crystals to the sprayer bottle attach to your garden hose, spray and rinse off. Blast through dirt and grime. Cleans right through screens, bird dropping, insects and more. No more ladders or struggling to get behind bushes, just stand back, spray and rinse for a streak-free, spot-free sparkle. A clean so clear your glass will disappear. Second story windows, not a problem reaches up to 27 feet with 60 lbs. of pressure. Won't hurt plants, bushes or grass. Cleans up to 20 windows. Excellent for windows, screens, siding, cars, patio furniture, boats, RVs and more!! You may also like


Full Crystal Window Cleaner the new cleaning system that quickly cleans windows, cars, RVs, boats, patio furniture, siding and more! Simply put the cleaning powder into the specially-designed spray bottle, add water, and attach your garden hose. The powerful, built-in pressure sprayer reaches up to 27-feet away so you can easily clean high windows, siding and more without using a ladder. Simply spray and rinse. Harmless to grass, plants, and shrubs.

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