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Guitar Training Pocket Tool

Guitar Training Pocket Tool

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Holy cow. Forget everything you knew about learning to play guitar.

No more dragging your guitar on the subway with you. Or lugging it from work to class to your car.

This digital pocket guitar trainer is small enough to take anywhere, easy enough for beginners, and will improve your guitar playing in weeks instead of months.

 Check out these awesome features.

  • Practice anywhere. Turn anywhere into the perfect practice space. Use it on the train, at work, or even while watching TV.
  • Compact Small enough to fit in your purse, light enough that it won’t drag you down. No more excuses to leave it behind.
  • Steel strings. Equipped with real guitar strings so you learn faster and easier. Loosen, tighten, or replace them just like real strings.
  • Built-in metronome. Don’t drag around extra equipment. Just select the tempo that you need and get started practicing.
  • Silent. Want to sneak a few minutes of practice? Whether you’re at work or a crowded restaurant, no one will know you’re playing guitar.
  • Chord assistant. The built-in screen teaches you chords and helps you memorize them. The more your practice, the more you’ll retain.

Practice makes perfect, but it’s not always easy to find the time or space.

This trainer helps you play anywhere, practice any time, and get better faster.

Stop making excuses. Order this pocket guitar trainer now and turn your rockstar dreams into a reality.

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