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Sand Blaster for Karcher K2-K7

Sand Blaster for Karcher K2-K7

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What the…

Is that an oil stain all over your driveway? Where did it even come from? There’s no way the pressure washer’s gonna get rid of that.

And those layers of paint stuck to the side of your garage? You already spent last weekend tackling that job. Only it defeated you instead of the other way around.

No way are you go back for round two this weekend.

Hang on, hang on. Don’t give up so fast.

This high pressure sand blasting kit turns your regular old pressure washer into an unstoppable force that can't be beat.

It’s pretty awesome actually. Take a look.

  • Easy conversion. Turn your pressure washer into a wet sand blaster in just a few minutes. It’s so easy your kid could probably do it.
  • Destroy stains. Graffiti just met its match. Get rid of stains, paint, rust… This is for the extra-tough stuff a regular power washer can’t handle.
  • Removable tip. Don’t freak if your tip wears out. It happens. Not right away, but eventually. Just remove the tip and set a new one in place.
  • Save time. Get the job done in minutes instead of hours. Seriously, this makes your work go so much faster.

Clean anything quickly and easily.

Tires? No problem. Concrete? Sure. Garage oil stains? Absolutely. This takes the toughest jobs and turns them into smithereens.

If you’re a professional, you need this. If you’re a DIYer, you need this even more.

Get this high pressure sand blasting kit today and make your life a whole lot easier tomorrow.

From now on, there is no job you can’t tackle.

Working pressure of pressure washer sandblaster attachment is up to 2500 PSI. Orifice 2.5. Max flow rate: 2 GPM. Temperature is up to 140°F/60℃. 

The pressure washer sandblasting attachments have a goggle, 10' hose, 16'' pressure washer wand (water input), 10'' sand wand (sand input) and permanent nozzle (output).

Application: pressure washer sandblaster kit works for abrasive cleaning. Great for removing rust, graffiti, paint, baked on grease.

Pressure washer sand blasting attachments use dry silica sand, baking soda or washed and dried river sand

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