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Personal Alarm With LED Flashlight

Personal Alarm With LED Flashlight

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  • HIGH-QUALITY: made of premium-quality material, environmental-friendly and non-toxic. With the inside high-quality battery, low power consumption, automatic power-saving features.
  • NOVEL DESIGN: Portable and lightweight design makes it easy for you to carry. The personal security alarm is perfect for night running, traveling abroad, hiking, camping, riding, entertaining and other outdoor activities.
  • 125~130 DB LOUD SOUND: When the goods fall off or other emergencies, pull out the latch then issued a strong alarm with 125-130 dB, this security alarm makes a loud noise to attract attention and deters crime.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: the personal alarm keychain can be attached on ladies bags, schoolbags, backpacks, suitcases, keys. In an emergency, pull out the latch and an extremely loud alarm will sound. (125-130 dB).
  • PERFECT FOR: students, women, joggers, kids, elderly, etc.

Product Description

Built-in LED light: offers a bright LED light, used for illuminating the dark day.
Lightweight design: ideal adolescents, college students, night owls, lonely workers, seniors, joggers, personal care workers, women staff self-defense options.
125~130 DB LOUD SOUND: The security alarm sounds louder, people can draw attention even in a far distance.
① Our product is a very beautiful decoration& personal bodyguard for every girl. good device for female students alone. If suspicious people are near you, you can pull out the latch to deter suspicious people.
② Suitable for ladies who go home at night alone, if meet someone following, you can pull the alarm immediately.
③ Fit for the elderly with acute diseases (such as coronary heart disease, etc.), if there is something urgent, a cheap alarm can save your life.
④ When lost in traveling, pulling the alarm can effectively avoid missing.
⑤ The alarm can also protect handbags, mobile phones, and valuables to avoid losing and other theft and robber.
⑥ The button cell inside, is less consumed, compact, easy to carry, and can be repeatedly used for many times.
Material: ABS and Metal bar
Colors: blue, purple, gold, black, silver
VOL: 125~130 DB (Approx)
Package included:
1 x emergency personal alarm

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