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Motion Activated Waterproof Solar Wall Light

Motion Activated Waterproof Solar Wall Light

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Ever hear a noise outside your house at night? You look out the window, flip the switch and see… nothing.

Because your security light broke. Again. How often do those bulbs go out anyway?

Forget cheap security lights that go out every time it rains.

This motion-activated LED security light is waterproof, solar powered, and built for the outdoors.

Check out some of these awesome features.

  • Super-bright. Seriously, this thing is like the sun. It’s the brightest solar powered light you’ll ever own. Nothing can hide when this light is on.
  • Waterproof. What’s the point of an outdoor light if rain burns it out? Ours holds up to thunderstorms, windstorms, heck, even sandstorms. It stays lit.
  • No cords. The self-adhesive back lets you mount these lights anywhere you need them. No messy wires, just peel the back and stick in place.
  • Wide-angle beam. You need to cover the most area you can. That’s why our lights are all wide-angle, so you can see into every nook and cranny.
  • 2 settings. Getting a little too bright for you? Dim it down. High and low settings let you adjust the lights how you want them.
  • Motion-activated. Don’t wait for a criminal to get close. This detects motion from up to 10 feet away and automatically turns on.

So simple to use and install, even your kid could do it.

See where you’re going and know who’s waiting for you in the dark. Hopefully no one, but with these lights you won’t have to guess.

Order this security light today and feel safer starting tomorrow.

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