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Advanced Back Blade

Advanced Back Blade

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Shave your back hair the way you always wanted- fast, easy and totally pain-free.

Ssh! Back hair is one of those things most men have but don’t really talk about. Probably for good reason. That grisly look went out a decade ago.

But try shaving it yourself and you end up with more scrapes than hairs on your back. How are you supposed to shave when you can't see what you are doing?

The alternative? Get a helping hand. Literally. Beg, plead, and finagle someone to shave it for you. But that is just embarrassing. We are better than that.

Some guys get a wax, but that is not really us. Ripping the hair out by its roots? No, thank you. So we stuck grinning and bearing it.

Until now.

This DIY back blade makes shaving your back hair fast, easy, and totally pain-free.

DIY? Hmm… okay, we admit a certain curiosity. How does it work?

  • Extra-long handle. Reach from your lower back all the way to the top and everywhere in between without overstretching yourself.
  • Wet or dry. Shave in or out of the shower. This doesn‚Äôt need water to get the job done, but it won't hurt anything either.
  • Burn-free. Shaving your back doesn‚Äôt have to equal pain. This won't sting, burn or leave your skin feeling raw.
  • Ergonomic.¬†We built this handle to feel good when you holding it, because a steady hand is better than a shaky one.
  • Foldable. Traveling or just want to store this blade out of the way? It folds up to half its size so you can put it anywhere.
  • Rust-resistant. The more rust you get, the faster your blade wears out. This won't rust at all. Ever. The blade stays strong and clean.

High-quality blades at prices that don’t hurt.

It ain't gonna take a while for this blade to go dull, but when that day comes, it won't cost an arm and a leg just to replace it.

We are not all made of money. We promise not to treat you like you are.

Get this back blade now and boost your confidence by a thousand.

Feel better, look sexier, and make yourself happier. You deserve it.

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