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High Magnification Binoculars Long Range 120X80

High Magnification Binoculars Long Range 120X80

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Looking for premium quality High Magnification Binoculars that are extremely comfortable but also made with the highest quality material on the market? If you where well here they are these binoculars can magnify objects up to 120x from where you're viewing from. With our professional made anti reflective glass lens these 120X80 binoculars are perfect for any scenery viewing.


Full Size Binoculars - These are full sized Binoculars making these extremely comfortable to use and hold in the hand there also great for adults because of the great adjustability these Binoculars offer.

Durable Light Weight Body - These Binoculars are made out of High grade reinforced fiberglass polycarbonate resin which will hold up for years and years of continuous use.

Comfortable Texturized Hand Grips -  These Binoculars have comfort built in to their design as first priority. These Binoculars have texturized comfortable hand grips for all day comfort.

Eye Relief - ever used a pair of binoculars that hurt your eyes when you look at them for more than 1 minute well with these we have exclusively designed them so that they do not cause pain to your eyes. Also they provide a clear failed of view even when viewing these binoculars with glasses.  

Wide Field of View - lets you see a very wide picture of scenery while it is being 100x zoomed so you will be sure not to miss anything.

Built In Lens Caps - these binoculars come with built on lens caps so your lens will always stay safe from debris and scratches.

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