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Wrist Mirror

Wrist Mirror

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Mirror-clad wristband that lets you see what's behind, so you are always safe while driving.

What the serious *%?k Did you see that bicyclist come out of nowhere?

We know this is a bike path, but they were going at racing speed. We’re more of the lazy Sunday afternoon type.

Even if you are a racer, that doesn’t mean you’re safe. Turn your head every two seconds to look behind you, and you’ll miss the stuff coming up right in front of you.

And the thing about bicycles is there aren’t any doors or window to keep you contained.

When someone hits you, you go flying. And when that happens, expect some damage. To you and your bike.

This biker’s wrist mirror lets you see behind you without turning your head, so you always know what’s coming.

It’s like the ultimate in biker safety.

  • Clear images. What good is a mirror if the images are all grainy? See what or who is behind you with crystal clarity.
  • Adjustable. The awesome thing about Velcro is that it’s made to adjust. Fit this to any size wrist, even a child’s.
  • Breathable mesh. Sweaty wrists? Ew. No thank you. We use breathable mesh so your wrists stay cool and dry even when you’re riding hard.
  • Pocket. Need to hide something small? Easily store a key, a few dollars, or even some vitamins in this mini pocket.
  • Non-slip. Once this is strapped on, it stays on. No slipping, sliding, or falling until you decide to take it off.

Protect yourself and your bike.

Even a casual bike ride can be dangerous with the way people like to race. Staying safe means knowing who’s coming up behind you.

Order this wrist mirror today and never be surprised again.

Because the only surprises you want are the ones that start with cake and end with a gift box.

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