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Kids Unpoppable Bubble Ball Balloon

Kids Unpoppable Bubble Ball Balloon

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Lol. We know what you’re wondering.

What the heck is a bubble ball?

It’s a totally awesome, completely flexible, giant bubble that refuses to pop no matter what you do to it.

Sounds like something kids would love, right? That’s a resounding yes! The surprising thing is that adults love it too.

Check out some of these awesome features.

  • Super-strong. Ever hear of Xpandium? It’s kind of revolutionary. It’s a tear-resistant material that keeps your bubble from breaking or popping.
  • Seals itself. Fill your bubble and you’re done. It automatically seals itself, so all you have to do is enjoy it.
  • Non-toxic. Absolutely no BPA, PVC, or latex. Because you shouldn’t have to worry about what toys your kids are playing with.
  • Impossible to destroy. Hit it, bend it, crush it… there’s no way this bubble is bursting. So just have fun with it!
  • Easy to deflate. Let the air out and watch it shrink. Fold it up and store it for next time. It will fit into almost any space.

Unleash the bubble ball and have the best summer of your life!

Sounds neat, right? But what are you supposed to do with it?

Anything you want!

  • Toss it. Invent a new kind of catch!
  • Kick it. Kickball has never been so weird… or so fun!
  • Sit on it. Literally. Just sit down, lie back, and close your eyes.
  • Water slide anyone? Get out the hose and go slipping and sliding!

It’s seriously fun, and seriously addictive.

Forget boring days spent in front of the television.

Kids will want to run and play. And the adults who are still kids at heart will want to run and play with them.

Order this today and have fun with it as soon as tomorrow. Your inner child will thank you.

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