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RC Watch Gesture Rotation Stunt Car

RC Watch Gesture Rotation Stunt Car

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Are you looking for an RC car that's not only fun to play with, but also amazingly flexible and durable?

Introducing the RC Watch Gesture Rotation Stunt Car, the ultimate fusion of cutting-edge technology and thrilling entertainment! Get ready to embark on a gravity-defying adventure that will leave you and your friends awestruck.

Gesture-Controlled Stunts: Unleash the power of your gestures! This RC car responds to your hand movements with precision and agility, allowing you to control flips, spins, and gravity-defying rotations effortlessly.

Good for children to practice the sense of direction. Let the children enjoy the pleasure of driving.


Lets you start the twister car in the dark night, brings a different experience.

360-Degree Spins: Prepare to be amazed as the RC Watch Gesture Rotation Stunt Car executes mind-boggling 360-degree spins with lightning-fast precision. It's like having a miniature stunt driver at your fingertips!

Sleek and Futuristic Design: With its sleek, futuristic design and eye-catching LED lights, this stunt car not only performs brilliantly but also looks incredibly cool while doing it.

Wireless Remote Control: Use the included wireless remote control for traditional driving or switch to gesture control mode for an immersive experience that will take your RC adventures to the next level.

An all-direction intelligent universal wheel, with full sense of science and technology. There are nine small shaft wheels beside the center wheel.

  1. Perfect for All Ages: Suitable for kids, teens, and adults alike, the RC Watch Gesture Rotation Stunt Car is a fantastic gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that calls for high-energy fun.

Get ready to redefine your RC experience with the RC Watch Gesture Rotation Stunt Car. It's time to unleash your inner stunt driver and defy gravity with style. Order yours today and start performing jaw-dropping tricks like a pro!


Color: Blue, Green, Orange
Usage time: About 30 minutes
Charging time: 4 hours
Remote control distance: 30-50m
Body battery: 3.7V 1500mah
Remote control battery: 2 AA (not included)




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